Culture of Sustainability

Tandus Centiva is defined by its people… people who are devoted to quality, innovation and doing the right thing. This culture runs deep in the roots of Tandus Centiva, and it guides us in our selection of materials, development of products and manufacturing processes.

Heritage of Innovation
We have a history of thinking about the future. Tandus Centiva has built a legacy on quality, performance, design and responsibility. Early on, our Product Development team was considering the environmental impact of our products, resulting in the innovation of RS adhesive in 1988. By applying adhesive during the manufacturing process, our customers were able to install their flooring with less adhesives and in faster times using the industry's first “peel and stick” adhesive system. Committed to continual improvement, Tandus Centiva’s team broadened our scope of resource stewardship from the manufacturing process to the use and post-use phases of our products’ life cycle. In 1994, we launched the first closed-loop recycling program in the carpet industry, bringing old vinyl-backed tiles, destined for the landfill, to Dalton, Georgia where we recycle them into a new product called ER3®. In 1996, Tandus Centiva became the first US manufacturer of customizable commercial LVT, changing the game in resilient flooring by offering made to order designs with a recycled content backing and offering a take-back program for LVT. In 2004, we developed ethos®, an alternative backing system made from 100% postconsumer recycled PVB from the safety film in windshields. We continue this legacy today by using revolutionary innovations in materials science and construction to develop award winning products.

2020 Road Map – All great expeditions are guided by a trusted map.
As a Tarkett company, Tandus Centiva is committed to our global sustainability strategy which leads with the 4 P’s: Purpose, People, Planet, Profit. Tarkett pursues excellence in sustainable business practices by communicating our 2020 Environmental Roadmap with detailed objectives for each of the four pillars of Closed Loop Circular Design.

Our Partners
The Carpet and Rug Institute
The Resilient Floor Covering Institute
Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE)
US Green Building Council
Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS)
Ellen MacArthur Foundation
KKR Green Portfolio