Rating Systems

At Tandus Centiva, our goal is nothing less than unwavering, environmental accountability. Through the principles of closed-loop, circular design, we design products from good materials, using resource stewardship, that contribute to people-friendly spaces, all with the end of use in mind, so that they might become meaningful nutrients for the earth or for a new generation of materials. These products contribute to credits in many green building rating systems. We’ve included a few of them here.

For more details on product contributions or project documentation, please contact your Tandus Centiva account executive.

Download rating systems charts below:

Green Globes
CHPS- Collaborative for High Performance Schools
WELL Building Standard® (WELL)

ecomedes- ecomedes is a third-party, online tool to help you evaluate, select and document our flooring products (Powerbond®, Modular, Broadloom, Woven and LVT) and their environmental attributes.