IxD Series

IxD Series unites classic high style from Tandus Centiva and Suzanne Tick, Inc. through its use of interaction design. Informed by the interactive connection between work and play, IxD speaks to how segments are merging together and unifying elements for emotional responses. IxD comprises three unique yet complementary designs: Output, Input, and Optic. Output — which features loop construction — shines in large workplace areas, and its colored accent modular tiles are ideal in healthcare settings. Input as Powerbond transforms higher education settings with its all-over texture and subtle patterning. Optic’s twisted, tip-sheared yarns give it a Berber, chunky texture that offers a plush residential-like aesthetic with commercial performance. Offered in a variety of colors, tile sizes, and backings, IxD can be used time and again and look different each time. Co-create with IxD and its combination of bright and neutral yarns to create your own space based on interaction design.

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